cleaning up

I am going to clean my friends list!
Tons of people deleted me and thats fine and good since I know I haven't been around.
I don't want anyone thinking I'm checking out their page.
Sorry I haven't been around but if you want to add me again you can do so.

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just a heads up

This post is Public so I don't have to message each community I deleted it's all here:

I removing some communities I joined a while back.. 

1. I don't really request too often 
2. There are some designers that were added that I don't support because I have heard they are thieves and seen the proof. 

Nothing against thous communities but if you allow these people to design on ur community I don't want to be a part of it.
Sorry but I believe we should stick together as designers and not support thieves.

Thanks so much :D


P.S. I will not be posting the communities I deleted to respect their privacy.
This was my choice and I don't want to start a war and have people deleting them.
Not trying to start any drama XOXO
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Add her

Interested in joining an exclusive unlimited offers blinkie community?
Very few rules, lots of offers, and a close-knit group of members included :)
Please join, sweetskullz~

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My Princess Zoila


Look at how big you got!
I remember when you where my lil Princess and you will always be!

I can't believe 13 already! A teenager!
I feel so old lmaoo.
We kinda grew up together but I can say you saved my life
and made all my wishes come true!

I will always love you! 

Drama, Drama, Deleted

 ok so this is the 1st and last time I will post this.. I have never posted about any drama here on LJ cause it's not my business.. I don't put myself inbetween anything and I don't choose sides I do me from what I see. I make my own decisions from the posts that I see.. What I have seen so far has been UGLY!

I don't follow anyone and never have. I rather have 2 friends who are truthful to me then 100 who start shit and talk shit!

I'm posting this to let you know that I might just have to keep deleting.. I don't like negativity PERIOD!

It's funny how people state one thing but you can see for yourself what is really happening! I may have deleted 1 person.. guess what she deleted me too and I could careless!  You are completely right If I don't like it I will delete you point blank. People say that like it's a threat lmaoo 
Then complain when you do it hmm childish much?! Needing attention? Don't have a life? I don't know what the issue is and honestly I could careless! 

I'm not taking sides I'm deleting who I 1.Don't talk to for whatever reason you haven't talk to me either so it's a 2 way street.. I'm not gonna keep posting and have you say nothing and make me look stupid! I'm not an attention whore.. I'm not a follower. But we don't talk PERIOD. You lost friends because YOU stopped caring. People keep saying we are all taking sides. um no your making it look that way! I'm DONE and it's OVER.  

It's funny how they always say no we weren't talking about you it was someone else.. I DON'T CARE NEGATIVE IS NEGATIVE.. Sticking up for yourself is completely different! 

Ohh and DELETE me please it saves me the trouble.. don't worry I don't have to bitch about who did cause I could careless..

On another note take a look if your on my friends list or if I'm on yours whoever doesn't have me but I have them.. I'm deleting! I don't know if you deleted me and I still have you or if you never even added me. Take a look b4 I delete you.. I want mutual friends Thank You

P.S. this post can be seen by ANYONE. So you know I'm not talking about U behind backs :D

I'm Done.. leggo
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